Winter Hats

Hats are one of life’s greatest pleasures, both for fashion and functional reasons. As far as winter hats go, function should (probably) come first: You want something that will protect your head and fragile ears from freezing over on your walk to the car. The most basic ones do that simply by adding a layer between you and the elements. For rain, snow, and sleet, you might opt for something that has more protection, made with tougher fabrics.

Start with the basic beanie. You can stock your closet with a few cheap ones that get the job done from Uniqlo or workwear brands like Carhartt and Dickies. There are also some great winter hats that are meant for movement, like Lululemon’s running cap or Smartwool’s hat, born to protect you amidst any and all winter sports. There are also baseball hats lined with shearling or extended with ear flaps to make something that provides both protection and warmth that builds on itself.

If you feel like treating yourself, go for one that won’t lose its style power any time soon: Canada Goose, Acne, Mr. P. Some of the pricier ones pay for themselves in the form of powerfully protective shells and insulated insides. Some are just plain stylish—and when you’re dressing in the depths of winter, it’s nice to have something that can make you feel like your bundled-up outfit is still a good one. Shop the 22 best winter hats here and now and all cold-season long.